London Motorbike Encounters 50 – Best of the last 49 Episodes

This video is a special edition, consisting of your favourite clips from London Motorbike Encounters 1 to 49 as submitted by you the viewers. Here is looking forward to the next 50 episodes.

In this Episode:
So cute, Power Ranger?
Audi Man (yes he said he didn’t care).
Loony Learner, soon to earn a darwin award.
Cycle Fail AKA TIMBER!
The invisibility cloak.
City //anker.
A big blue cock.
Jeremy Clarkson.
Cycle fail 2 – gotta love cleats.
The cake isn’t a lie!
Piss poor driving in piss poor rain.
White van man.
Impatient driver (FAIL).
A death on the road.
Police chase me?
Stupid drive on wrong side of the road!

You are awesome!

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Hedge hog
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PS: If you think this episode is sh1t it’s your own fault!
PPS: Loads of you asked for Audi man again, so sorry if your name is not credited in the clip 😉

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