Fun with siatica.

Ha got you! There is no fun with siatica. Now siatica for those of you that don’t know is usually cased by a buldging disc in your back pushing on the siatic nerve in your lower back (can be other causes) which is a pain in the back and a most intense pain down your leg. Now if you got the lite version it will disappear in 2 weeks. You lucky b’stard. Otherwise you find yourself inside a MRI getting a spinal scan. The technician will then look at the scan in shock and ask loads of times if you alright. Then refuse to indicate the results to you but cheerfully say a specialist will contact you within 2 weeks.

5 weeks later you still won’t have been contacted and when you attempt to ring the hospital about the results your get a powerless receptionist telling you they haven’t looked at the results yet. Well that’s Ashford and St Peters hospital. Should of checked the Google reviews, its a horror hospital.

Anyhow, so you have bad siatica and want to know what fun you can have…

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