Siatica and pooping

Siatica is a bitch, if you don’t know what it is here is a quick run down. The largest nerve in your body runs the length of you spine through your hips to your feet, as well as branching off to a few other places like your arse and cock. Now that’s all well and good until one day you try and lift something too heavy or are too adventures in the bedroom (let’s try something new she said). And a disc in your spine decides to pop. Your spine you see is made out of lots of bones, you have all seen skeletons. But between them there big bones in your spine are some jelly filled discs that stop your bones grinding and also acts as a shock absorber. So yea if one slips or pops…. FUCK! Now most of the times one will slip or pop at the base of your spine, and then push on the siatic nerve.

At this point in your life you will wonder if there is a God. Why the feck did they make such a stupid arsed design flaw. As your leg or legs if your a specially unlucky bastard, decide to feel like some extra from Hellraiser is attempting to shave layers of skin off your leg while at the same time pouring boiling water on it. Everytime you move the pain just ramps up even more. BUT thats not even the fun part!

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