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Thanks for showing an interest in the Folding@Home  a distributed computing project for performing molecular dynamics simulations of protein dynamics. Its initial focus was on protein folding but has shifted to more biomedical problems, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Cancer, Coronavirus disease in 2019, Ebola virus disease and others.

How to join in
To join in and support the Motovloggers team you will need to visit download the client and install it.

Make sure when setting up your account to join the team Motovloggers – 261285
You can do this when installing the client or open the the Advanced Control window (right click the Folding@Home client in the systray) and click on Configure – Identity tab – Team Number (261285).

You do not have to be a motovlogger to join in, if your a supporter of any motovlogger feel free to join also. Lets keep the motovlogger image clean and helpful.

NOTE: If you have joined the Motovloggers team it may take over an hour for you to show up as part of the team.

How does it work?
When you have your computer on but are not using all its CPU or GPU (you can limit it to how much) the program will use some of this unused computing power and solve some research then upload the results to Folding@Home.
You WILL be helping to discover a cure for some terrible illnesses.

NOTE: The team Logo is a Placeholder, it will be changed to something more generic once I have designed one.

There will also be a list of all members and links to thier YouTube channel (if applicable) that have joined and their score here soon! So if you have joined please come back and visit in a few days….

Team link on Folding@Home is here (Started 12 April 2020).

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