City Life #2

Well finally got some time to work on this project…

Wrote a teleport code that is extremely flexible and works on collisions not actions and of course is OO so very versatile. Been tested extensively by my kids who think its great fun.
Being used for a subway system to transport from the city to the town. Though it may not be in the final game in its current format.

Started work on a vastly improved Quest System. It will enable me to have many quests active at a time and support branching. Current one is limited to say the least.

Fixed some bugs with rendering and shadows, well not a bug but a setting.

Added more to the play area, 3 times it size now and have started designing the layout of the town.

Hopefully adding for the next update too:
A farm yard area and office complex (assets are ready for this).
Map or pointer to quest items/area.
Animated sun for day and night cycles.