City Life #1

Fixes and Updates:
Updated the PDA to be dynamic and will now only show the current mission you are on and if no mission will tell you who to go and collect a mission if you do not have one.

Fixed a bug with the PDA popping up randomly and not appearing when required.
Fixed gravity on NPC’s.
Fixed idle animation’s.

Reorganise and optimised the code for the mission handler (still needs more work but works better now). It will now support missions from any NPC if you are free to take a mission.

Added more props to the map and expanded the game area.

Work in progress:
Two part mission to test the new mission handler. Lost dog 😉
This will also include an incremental mission text upgrade and a speech bubble from the NPC needing help.

Known Bugs:
Item spawner while working has a weird bug on the ray cast not pointing in the correct direction. Have tried local v wold cords but still get the same bug. Sure it is simple but can’t understand it for the moment. Bug is shown here if you have any ideas let me know 😉