satnavallA free POI file for sat navs and an online interactive map showing all the free parking for motorbikes in London.

Below you will find download links for popular SatNav systems for a POI file that will display all the free Motorbike parking close to you. Or you can use it as a destination for your journey. The functionality is only limited by the SatNav system you are using.

I am expanding this POI package weekly but I am only covering London (inside the M25) at this present time, if you believe another city should be covered post below!

Latest Version released on 1-Feb-2016 covering 448 parking bays.

Online Map:
Click here to see a Google map showing the progress so far in mapping all the bays in London.


TomTom (not app):
Copy all the files in this zip file into your installed map folder (Typically: United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland) on your TomTom device.
Download > TomTomFreeParkingLondon 1-Feb-2016

TomTom Android App:
Copy the contents of this zip file into
directory may be either in internal or external SD card storage depending on which one TomTom chose for its installation. POI file’s name should now appear in your My Places list.
Download > TomTomAppFreeParkingLondon 1-Feb-2016

This is provided in two versions, one is without icons the other is with icons.
My advice is try the the download without the icon first, if that works try the download with the icon (the icon version just changes the default icon).
To install, use the POI Loader from Garmin
Download 1 > GarminFreeParkingLondon 1-Feb-2016
Download 2 > GarminFreeLondonParkingNOICON 1-Feb-2016

Known Problems:
It is known that the Android App will not work with custom icons at the moment, once this feature is implemented I will update the Android version.
If you have compatibility issues just delete the files you copied over to your device, they are just data files and do not change your SatNav configuration in any way.

While every care has been taken to ensure the data on the POI is correct I do advise you to check the county / boroughs rules on Motorbike Parking and especially read any signs displayed on, in or near the motorbike parking bays.

  • Always check the signs
  • Do not park in a suspended bay
  • Park fully within the bay
  • Do not leave a motorcycle in a bay for more than 24 hours (City of London can be hot on this)
  • Solo bikes only in most bays
  • Check road markings on bays (say will say permit only)

Parking Information:
City of London
Ealing Borough
Harrow Council
Hillington Borough
Hounslow Borough
Kensington and Chelsea
Kingston upon Thames
Merton Council
Richmond Borough
Wandsworth Borough
Westminster Be Warned there is no free parking in Westminster (£40 fine)

1-Feb-2016 covering 448 parking bays
25-Jan-2016 covering 271 parking bays.
18-Jan-2016 covering 244 parking bays.
12-Jan-2016 covering 162 parking bays.
22-Dec-2015 covering 122 parking bays.

Thanks to:
WeeemRCB – Testing
Royal Jordanian – Testing
TurboCCC – Software