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1. How old are you and where do you live?
ID Theft anyone?

2. Can I get a notification when Thunderous71 releases a new video?
Yes you need to go to YouTube though and subscribe to his channel.

3. I have a great idea for a  video etc etc.
Leave a comment… you never know I might just do it!

4. What camera do you use?
At the moment a Drift Ghost S stuck to the top of my helmet but I tend to change it every 2 years. Previous cameras were a Drift Ghost HD and a  V.I.O POV.HD, future who knows?

5. What MIC do you use?
I have a number of microphones, saying that the one I use the most is the Drift microphone that is an optional extra. The others produce better sound of the environment but distort my voice.

6. What bike do you ride/own?
Currently own and ride an 2010 ER-6f / Ninja 650r (ABS) MT-09.

7. Dream Bikes?
Too many to list, track would be a Ninja 633 or R6, fun would be a Triumph Scrambler, day to day the MT-09. All in my price range, but I can only afford one at this time. But ultimate dream bike…. BMW S 1000 RR Sport, all tricked out.

8. Why don’t you get blah blah bike?
Pay for it and I’ll get it 🙂 Sadly that’s the truth, I’m poor.

9. Are you going to blah blah meet at blah blah?
Very unlikely, I get asked to go to a lot but I don’t have the free time nor the willingness to hang about in car parks with a load of men in leather. Mind you I have a soft spot for pizza and Dr Pepper!

10. I posted a comment on your video on youtube and it never showed up?
All I can say is spam filter, I only ever delete hate comments (race, sex etc).

11. Can you give me a shout out?
No and Yes, follow me on twitter @Thunderous71 and at the end of some of  my videos I put a link to a guest vlogger. I will ask while editing a video on Twitter if anyone wants  a shout out. All you have to do is answer that tweet at that time.

12. Whats the best first time bike?
There is no correct answer to that!

13. Are you on Facebook?
Yes I have a Facebook Page but not a profile, it got banned…

14. What can do you have on your bike?
The MT-09 is full stock, at the moment.
Old bike had a full replacement system from Delkevic. See here.

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