‘Don’t be evil” is the informal corporate motto (or slogan) of Google.

Now there is no secret that Google and Apple are at each others throats as the Android OS on Phones is proving to be a challenge for the once might iPhone. But a knock on effect of this is second party manufacturers who have contracts with Apple are now being blocked or having support for their products dropped.

Tomtom provide some mapping data for the iPhone, Apple in turn are hoping to provide a service to challenge Google Maps (can’t see that happening) but Google see this as a threat and to punish Tomtom for provide data to Apple they have blocked all the Tomtom users from using Google maps as a navigation tool.
You can no longer send routes from Google maps to a Tomtom enabled device.

So Google motto of not being Evil has been turned on its head as they seem to be being very petty at best and down right Evil at worst.

The funny / sad thing is most Tomtom users are now departing Google Maps for another service be it Apples mapping service or Tomtoms online mapping service. So rather beat the competition by simply being better they are helping the competition by driving users to them.

I never used Tomtom’s own online mapping service before but now I am, its more uptodate, it has free traffic updates in real time and is excellent. I never would have discovered all this if it wasn’t for Google being Evil.

So in a rather weird way… thank you Google for showing me a better mapping service!

http://routes.tomtom.com Tomtoms own route making software with live traffic updates, go try it, its rather good!


Google is being very Evil (No TOMTOM support)

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