Brest PumpAs the days get closer to the main event a slight tinge of panic is starting to rear its head. Have we got everything we require to look after a little bundle of joy? You start to check everything on the list you made of the things you thought you may require, you ask friends who have kids in the hope that they will offer some much needed advice. The problem is the more people you ask the more conflicting the advice becomes, soon you realise that there is no quick and easy guide or plan to follow. The baby is not going to come with a manual or instructions and most likely what ever you were envisaging will fall apart the first night.

So with that in mind we have started to make sure at the very least we have the basics down, new born nappies, pram, cot, car seat, changing mat, bath, nappy bags, wipes, breast pump… the list goes on.

I begin to realise how much effort our own parents had to put into raising us, even though I grew up with lots of babies around me it just doesn’t hit you the same way when you are the one that is ultimately responsible.

Exciting…? YES!

Terrifying…? YES!

Can’t wait though!


Car seat, bed, pram, nappies PANIC!

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- I'm a biker and a dad, so you will find a lot of my posts are bike related or kids related. It's a strange combination.

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