Realm of the Mad God on Steam!

Yes that’s right my favourite FREE Co-Op RPG game where 80 plus people can join up to fight the Mad God is now on Steam. What you have never played or heard of  RotMG, shame on you. If you’r erm older you may remember an arcade game called Gauntlet where you could play Thor the Warrior, Merlin the Wizard, Thyra the Valkyrie or Questor the Elf on a top down view of a Dungeon with up to 4 players.
Now RotMG is similar to it but with many more players on a vast area to battle within and great big and I do mean BIG boss fights at the end of each Realm. There are many more classes to play oh and did I mention its free to play 🙂

See you on the battlefield!


Realm of the Mad God on Steam!

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