When you ring Orange up they have one of those all too common automated phone systems, that just goes on and on and on. I’m an IT nut myself so I don’t mind that too much but in my case there was no option for ‘Phone not delivered or missing’ I was trying to find the option to speak to an operator. Of course there wasn’t one. So I opted to just email Orange instead with the option of contacting me in the morning. Of course this was ignored and they rang me while I was busy in the evening, never mind. The operator was very polite and explained that I would have to go through the upgrade process again to get a phone sent out and someone from the upgrade team would call the following morning at 10:30am to arrange a new phone to be sent out.

You have already guessed what has happened now haven’t you… yup that is right no call, no offer of a phone that I’m paying for etc etc…

So I’m on about week 4 of my new phone that I still do not have or have any signs of receiving. As I said before the future may be bright but it bloody well isn’t Orange.


I hate Orange Part 2 AKA Do not get a mobile from Orange

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