Just returned from a trip to New York and while I was there it snowed! So got to see NY in the snow, kinda cool. BUT even better got to see an episode of 2 Broke Girls. It’s a TV show about a rich girl now poor due to her family (father) running some sort of financial racked and getting caught and jailed  (Bernard Madoff is an example).

So she runs off to a deprived area of NY to hide from the people of high society and struggle to rebuild her life, where she applies for a new job working as a waitress, stikes up a rapoor with one of the other waitresses and dream / struggle to get a fantasy cupcake shop going by saving all their tips.

Now its a comedy, which Im sure will be labelled slightly raciest, sexist and sexy… but to anyone with a back bone and a sense of humour its just good fun.

BTW did I mention one of the stars has huge knockers…. I knew there was another reason I liked it! Ah and she isn’t the rich one and talks dirty too LOL.



2 Broke Girls – It’s ace!

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