From the next episode I will be uploading in 1080p@60fps, don’t you just love upgrades!

In this weeks Episode.
Safe place to stop?
The new Mercedes Bike.
Guess what they are playing with.
Triumph also made cars.
An indicator doesn’t give you right of way!
You never know what the cam will capture.
Ford Mustang 1960’s.
If in doubt…
Take your time (ride to arrive).
Hazard awareness.
I’m signalling left… (reason you do a shoulder check).
Guess what they are playing with.
Watch the scooter rider engage the NOS….
Milk Float.
Mobility Twins (locally famous).
Side road creeper.
At least he was polite SMIDSY.

Facebook HAHAHA no!


London Motorbike Encounters 52 – SMIDSY

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