Yup some of you know I used to make games in the day on the Commodore Amiga, now I never made that much money at them just enjoyed the creative process. Now a days I make maps for games like Counter Strike and again I do this as its fun. But ultimately limiting as I’m just making a play area for a pre-existing game.

So I have decided to start to learn how to use Unity and pump out a game I have had in my head for a while, it will be highly stylish and be limited to high end graphic cards… well when I say high end I mean people with a basic laptop wont be able to play 🙂 Sorry.

No name yet but a working title is USB…

When I have a proof of concept I’ll post an update. Just letting you know so you understand why some of my other video, maps etc are not being worked on with such vigor any  more.


New Game in Development

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