biker-on-sunsetOn our daily commute we see the same bikers a lot, we a-hum race, we chat, give a friendly nod at the lights, we following each other through traffic and we always learn from each other’s riding be it good or bad.

Anyone that watches my videos knows I ride in central London a lot, not just for my commute but also as part of my job. I see on average 2 bike crashes or their aftermath a week. Most are just gentle shunts and the bike has been dropped, rider OK car/van etc driver in shock. Bikers are a tough breed indeed.

But once in a while I see a crash that shocks me, not for the devastation, not the injury, but for who it is. As I said above, bikers on a regular route get to know the other bikers on that route via their bike and their gear. One biker I would see most days would cruse through traffic always safe but with ease. I would follow and learn a lot about safely navigating traffic / splitting / filtering etc.
With shock this morning I come across their bike smashed to bits, half on the road and half on the pavement.

Stay safe.


The bike crash that shocks you

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