Yes its been 4 months since the bundle of joy came along and here are some tips for new dads on how to survive!

In the first few month (1-3) get as many baby cuddles as you can, baby loves it and so will you. After 3 months the cuddle time starts to stop as your baby will want to look out on the world more, not just snuggle up in the nape of your neck. So get the cuddles in now!

Change nappies!
I can’t stress this enough, don’t be the pathetic dad that runs from a dirty nappy. Β It can be fun, yes you read that right.
When changing a nappy make it a game with you little one, I have Mr J on the change mat, nappy bag at the ready and the wipes, cream and new nappy all ready. The operation begins with gaining access to the nappy area removing the tabs and having a peek inside. I then congratulate Mr J on a job well done and tickle his belly which results in a smile and a few kicks of the legs.
Next remove the nappy be careful to contain the contents πŸ˜‰ wiping any extras off at the same time and fold the nappy over itself and dispose in the ready and waiting open nappy bag. Then with a couple of wipes clean the offending areas (front to back) and dispose of wipes in nappy bag.
Now the important bit, have a chat with your little one. I usually ask Mr J how his day is going and what he would like to do later (he may understand what I’m saying or he may not? But talking to him helps him learn words and sounds) or what he will be when he grows up. It’s all a bit of a laugh and Mr J joins in with a few squeals and kicks of the legs. While all this is going on Mr J has dried out and is ready for the nappy rash cream or powder (to prevent nappy rash not just to treat it) so that is now applied and a new nappy follows.
All good! Mr J is happy, I have had a good natter and play and we have both bonded, best of all the wife is grateful that she hasn’t had to change him again. Your earn daddy points!

Bath time!
Oh bath times are the best, I always remember as a kid loving the bath. Playing with toys, making foam and bubbles and in general having a great time. So it’s with joy seeing Mr J having the same fun in his baby bath (do invest in one) kicking his legs and splashing about. It also keeps him clean and again fights off that dreaded nappy rash! Also gives you an excuse to buy some cool bath time toys! It’s for the baby of course dear πŸ˜‰

Feeding Time
Take part! Yes even if your little one is being breast fed your wife can still express milk so you can feed the bundle of joy, just be warned if your baby is being breast fed when giving them the bottle they will need to be burped a lot during feeding. Your know when they need burping as they will kick their legs, winge/cry and stop feeding, all you need to do is sit them up or rest on your chest/shoulder and lightly slap the top part of their back till the burp comes. Then its back to feeding. Just admire the goggle eyes!

Bed time stories
It’s never too soon to read bedtime stories, Mr J has had almost had one every night since coming home from hospital, he likes them and has started to learn to flip the pages of the book already and attempts to make sounds when reading him a story. It is also a routine that he knows when bed time books come out its soon time for bed, Β he knows it and settles far easier into his slumber. By the way, you can always make bed time stories up too, I think Mr J likes those ones the best πŸ˜‰

The Play Mat
Get a jungle gym play mat, for the first 4 months your little one will LOVE it. Get one that has toys, plays music and has lights. It gets all their senses going! They will kick, slap, giggle, laugh and just have a good time on it. You can also join in too, give em a tickle and a chat and your be rewarded with more grins, smiles and giggles.

Give your other half a rest!
Now you know how to look after your little baby, make sure your other half can go on a night out with the girls etc again stock up them daddy points.

BTW if your wondering about sex… forget it for now πŸ˜‰



4 Months

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