Squid gets done (ticketed)

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Silly squid, policeman got ya! What is a squid? 'Squid' is a contraction of "Squirrelly Kid", and comes from So Cal racers who were also involved in the Surfer culture.Though the term is now widely used to descr...

London Motorbike Encounters 56 – Naughty Scooter Boyz

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The naughty scooter boys... Darwin is waiting for you. In this episode: Polite notice and a polite biker Feel the power Scooter Boyz I can

I hate Mondays (#2)

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I think your find I have a valid reason to hate this Monday! Before you ask, Adobe CC - After Effects

London Motorbike Encounters 55 – My Helmet is smelly

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In this episode: Phone calls are important... Zebra sports car What is it? - Answers below! "Silly Wabbit" Red light jumpers Why London may soon be

New Bike Reveal ?

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New bike! Well kind of? ======== Merchandise http://www.thunderous71.com/?page_id=1358 Twitter http://twitter.com/Thunderous71 Google+ http://plus.google.com/+Thunderous71 FAQ http://www.thunderous71.com/?page_id=19 F...

Reverse – no light, no rear view = STUPID!

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VERY short video, your see why. OLD: Now advice please, the shocks seem fine and compress ok, would you now go

London Motorbike Encounters 54 – What girls get up to in the car park!

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I hate hay fever season. In this episode: What girls get up too... Be good, it's the Police! Things you see in Richmond Park. White

London Motorbike Encounters 53 – I get 2 smiles!

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Yes it's a long one, makes up for no LME for a while. In this episode: Save the birdy Demolition Right of way idiot... New

Comedy on Two Wheels – (Jokes your dad tells)

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Welcome to a collection of jokes told by a number of motovloggers from around the world. Watch enjoy, laugh and

This looked VERY painful!

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I found the end of this video shocking, no not the scooter boy ;) ======== Merchandise http://www.thunderous71.com/?page_id=1358 Twitter <a href="http://twitter.com/Thunderous71"

Let’s have some fun! – Calling all moto vloggers

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Calling all motovlogers “Lets have some fun!!”. See http://www.thunderous71.com/?p=2134 for more detailed information. If you want to join

Free publicity… and lets have some fun!

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OK you motovlogger type people are up for some fun? And to get some free publicity for your channel? If the answer is yes to the first part you are wanted, if your answer is also yes to the second part your be extr...