Vanity Check

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Sometimes when riding I have a vanity moment to make sure I look good! I was just checking the camera was on... honest!

London Motorbike Encounters 60 – Got an itch

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In this episode: Ariel Atom Cridiot Parking against flow of traffic Zombies Mum knows best! School run mum Bully Red Light Jumper Drama Queen Go away Rain My new Car Homeless Rain good? Its

T-Shirt – Get yours now

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T-Shirts are now available and they are awesome, but I am not stocking them myself but you can get them from And on the rear it has the Thunderous7...

Rugby World Cup 2015 and the A316

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The Rugby World Cup come to my neck of the woods and the 316 is empty, oh the joy of

Riding a motorbike in heavy rain – (F**K OFF RAIN)

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Flash flood and being on a bike when it starts, great fun! ======== Merchandise Twitter Google+

Bum – Or why is this happening

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Second time this mystery cutout has happened, last time I dropped the bike. Anyone want to hazard a guess why? Oh

London Motorbike Encounters 59 – Wet Balls

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In this Episode: Vitamin pills for kids, seriously? Eat normal fresh food no need for them! Indicator on but not moving? Guess the

London Motorbike Encounters 58 – Dance

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In this episode: Cridiot #1 Cridiot #2 Cridiot #3 Roundabout fail No smoking in the house Wanker on a bike Digger! Lets Dance ======== Merchandise Twitter <a

London Motorbike Encounters 57 – Tank Slapper

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In this episode: Invisibility Cloak. Some riders are polite, some jump the line others just fail. Tank Slapper This could have been bad. I say

Dropped the Motorbike

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Yes it happens to all bikers at some point, my first drop of the motorbike... *sigh* Before you post about how

Squid gets done (ticketed)

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Silly squid, policeman got ya! What is a squid? 'Squid' is a contraction of "Squirrelly Kid", and comes from So Cal racers who were also involved in the Surfer culture.Though the term is now widely used to descr...

London Motorbike Encounters 56 – Naughty Scooter Boyz

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The naughty scooter boys... Darwin is waiting for you. In this episode: Polite notice and a polite biker Feel the power Scooter Boyz I can